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Our Business

In order to offer a comprehensive set of tools in the Real Estate sector, we built on three main business lines:

Real Estate

Plata Capital will screen various real estate opportunities, but our mission is to invest just in a few and very well designed projects. We will commit proprietary capital and may count with Limited Partners at each specific case.
Our investment structure is very flexible, we may have land owners in the projects, local developers and also local investors with proven network Mostly our investments will be based on potential arbitrage opportunities such as change of use, income segment improvement, project combinations, distress asset, tenant rate-up, M&A and spin off.


In order to shorten our relationship with land and asset owners, we started to offer specific real estate advisory services.
Advisory services are necessary when clients are selling assets, seeking finance and also structuring the project (real estate wise).
We are able to provide advisory on how to structure the project as to maximize the leverage level by improving take outs. At the same projects, we can structure a REIT to buy a portion of the project our just coordinate the issuance of CMBS.
Plata Capital is also interesting in assisting Real Estate companies with turn-around opportunities; we may acquire a portion of the company, bring on financing lines and eventually lead an M&A.
Other potential advisory services will also be provided for specific and elected sectors that may improve our ability to find interesting real estate asset opportunities.

Private Equity

As opportunities rise, we are keen to acquire representative fraction of participation on future leading companies that currently need any type of strategic/financial help. The private equity investment will be very opportunistic and will primarily focus on Real Estate Companies.

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